30 ash blonde hair color ideas that paralyze the heart

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The best thing about ash blonde hair is that it requires much less maintenance than regular blonde. Also, depending on the shade you choose, it works wonderfully with absolutely any complexion!

Whether you’re just joining the blonde camp, or just looking for a little change, one of these 30 hairstyles will definitely suit your taste.

1. White ash blonde hair. A delicate ashy color and a healthy metallic shine would be a perfect duet.

Ash blonde hair with metallic white highlights

2. Ashy Blonde Highlights. A style that looks almost too natural thanks to the ashy blonde random highlights and a lighter shade on the tips.

Bronde hair with ashy blonde highlights

3. Ash Blonde Ombre. Play with the contrasts by keeping the roots as dark as possible, while adding a lighter shade to the ends of your ashy blonde hair.

Ashy blonde hair with dark roots

4. Dirty ash blonde hair. A lovely fresh ash hair color that you can make twice as cool with loose curls and beachy.

Long ash blonde hair with beach waves

5. Ash Icy Blonde Hair. The gradual and smooth transition from dark brown to sandy blonde to icy tones is to die for. Definitely find a super experienced stylist before trying.

Ash blonde hair with icy highlights

6. Dark ash blonde hair. If you are not ready to go to the lighter ends, golden ashy hair is exactly what you need. Add a couple of light ash highlights and voila!

Bronde hair with ash highlights

7. Ash blonde hair with dark roots. Increase the volume of your ash blonde hair with darker lowlights. A smooth transition from dark brown roots to metallic white will make any heart skip a beat.

Ash Blonde Balayage Hair with Lowlights

8. Silver ash blonde hair. Gray and silver tones will never go out of style, so go for an ash blonde tint and try the long-lasting trend!

Ash blonde hair with silver highlights

9. Ash Blonde Highlights on dark hair. Chunky, ashy highlights on natural brown hair allow you to have the best of both worlds, in case you’re not ready to fully commit to going blonde yet.

Brown hair with ash blonde highlights

10. Babylights and Ash Blonde Highlights on brown hair. Swap out your brown hair with chunks of thick, ashy money!

Ash Blonde Highlights and Money Pieces

11. Smoky hair color with brown highlights. Make the most of your natural grays by adding ash color to the highlights.

Smokey and Ash Brown Hair Color

12. Light ash blonde hair. An absolutely mesmerizing shade of ashy hair color made twice as dimensional thanks to the darker smoky lowlights throughout the hair length.

Bright ashy hair color with lowlights

13. Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair. Start your blonde journey with a soft ashy caramel shade. A very warm and cozy addition to your dark locks.

Caramel Ash Blonde Highlights and Black Roots

14. Pale ash blonde hair. Muted shades of blonde are often underestimated, but neutral colors are worth trying instead of the traditional bright shades!

Neutral ash blonde hair color

15. Ash Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair. A stunning style ready to add depth and volume to your hair. Especially if you style your highlighted locks in loose curls.

Brown and Ash Blonde Balayage Highlights

16. Cool Ash Blonde Hair Color. A perfect idea for girls who will look absolutely gorgeous, be it with soft beach waves or straight hair!

Cold toned ash blonde hair with waves

17. Ashy Balayage in a Bob Haircut. A winter shadow, so light that it is impossible not to look at it all the time. The cooler shades of ash blonde will suit anyone with peach undertones to their skin.

Cute Bob with Ashy Balayage

18. Platinum ash blonde hair. If you are bored by simple ash blonde hair ideas, then try this sophisticated style with tons of volume and depth.

Ash blonde with platinum highlights hair ideas

19. Dark ash blonde hairstyle. A shade halfway between dark strawberry blonde and ashy tones, so soft and warm. It’s hard to resist!

Dark ash blonde hair with strawberry highlights

20. Ashy Highlights for older ladies. Another great thing about ash blonde is that it is incredibly helpful in covering gray hair while looking absolutely amazing.

Ashy highlights to cover gray

21. Ash blonde hair with highlights. This cool and warm sandy mix for balayage highlights will be perfect for your summer look. Something to take into account!

Sandy Blonde Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

22. Gray Blonde Highlights. Defined stripes of dusty gray add sophistication to the traditional ashy hairstyle, while those dark smoky lowlights create attractive volume.

Gray blonde hair with highlights and highlights

23. Straight ash blonde hair. Ash-blonde brings out the best in you if you have a rosy complexion and fine hair. With the right layered haircut, you will look effortlessly pretty even without curls.

Ash Blonde Balayage on Straight Hair

24. Dirty Ash Blonde Balayage. Keep it old school with a traditional ash blonde almond shade.

Dark ashy blonde hair balayage

25. Light Ash Blonde Balayage. Don’t want to worry about adult roots? Then this sandy blonde balayage with a perfect root fade is just what you need!

Light Ash Blonde with Root Fade

26. Long ash blonde hair with highlights. Freshen up your brown hair with some random sized ashy highlights and add money pieces to frame the face.

Long brown and ash blonde hair

27. Dark ash blonde curly hair. Play with contrasts and add various shades of ash for added depth to your hair. The soft curls will make your soft blonde tips pop!

Dark curly hair with ash blonde highlights

28. Ash Highlights on Dark Brown Hair. If the drastic changes are too much for you, then giving your hair a little sparkle with little ashy baby lights will be for sure!

Dark brown hair with subtle ash blonde highlights

29. Ash blonde hair with lowlights. Ash Balayage hair always looks ten times fuller and sleeker with just the right amount of lowlights.

Ash Blonde Lowlights and Highlights

30. Ash white blonde with dark roots. Snow-white lengths and jet-black roots are a match made in heaven. In particular, this color stretch will suit shoulder length hair best.

Shoulder Length Ash Blonde Balayage Hair

Hopefully, these trendy ash blonde hair ideas have satisfied your curiosity and inspired you for a surprising change!

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